College Bound Advantage is an Ohio college selection consulting firm. If your student leaves Ohio for college, it is more likely than not that they won't return. Let us help you look in Ohio first.

College Bound Advantage will formally open for clients on December 1, 2016.

Currently our consultants are busy visiting Ohio colleges, composing Campus Field Reports, and building tools to support clients. While our website has awakened, it remains under development and will not be fully operational until November 1st. Please feel free to look around and see what we are up to. Expect updates and modifications on an ongoing basis, so check back with us. We look forward to seeing you in December.

View one of our recently written proprietary Campus Field Reports (CFR). Discover insider information on some of Ohio’s best public and private colleges and universities. Our “Trail Map” clients receive a CFR for each college we recommend. You can also purchase individual CFRs on our site.

Start your search by viewing our interactive map of Ohio Colleges. Discover details including location, number of students, and more.

Example Trail Map

View one of our recently prepared client Trail Maps. This is what our clients receive following our process!


Your college choice can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make — yet few have the information necessary to make the best decision.

What if there was a college consulting firm that focused only on those things that a high school counselor can’t help you with – identifying a best fit set of colleges in Ohio based on your priorities? What if they worked their magic for the very low price of $549 and threw in a personality inventory to help your student identify a short list of majors to explore as well as a cost estimate and proprietary Campus Field Reports for each college recommended?

You can rest assured….there is! The Trail Starts Here!

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