For the cost of one overnight campus visit, we will short circuit all the aimless and costly wandering about Ohio's campuses and send you to only those that fit your needs, wants, and requirements. Why waste time and money. Allow us to optimize, simplify, and accelerate your college search process. Map of Ohio Colleges

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Check out our Ohio colleges interactive map (click on the Ohio map above). We have expanded the information available on each college and have already linked over 40 short video’s showing a compilation of photos we took on our campus visits. You’ll love it! Also, don’t forget to check our Blog – lots of interesting threads on Ohio’s various colleges. Finally, consider signing up for our Ohio college newsletter!

View one of our recently written proprietary Campus Field Reports (CFR). Discover insider information on some of Ohio’s best public and private colleges and universities. Our “Trail Map” clients receive a CFR for each college we recommend. You can also purchase individual CFRs on our site for $10 each.

Start your search by viewing our interactive map of Ohio Colleges. We have recently expanded the information available for each school, added a photo, and have now added over 40 campus videos with more on the way!

Example Trail Map

View one of our recently prepared client Trail Maps. This is what our clients receive following our process! Note that all information provided is completely customized to the needs and interests of each client family.


Your college choice can be one of the most important and expensive decisions you’ll ever make — yet few have the information necessary to make the best decision and avoid the land mines.

What if there was a  college consulting firm that focused on those things that a high school counselor can’t help you with – identifying 5-8 best fit colleges to visit in Ohio based on YOUR priorities? What if they threw in a personality inventory to help your student identify a short list of majors to explore as well as a cost estimate and proprietary Campus Field Report for each college recommended? And, after all that, they remain available to you for your entire journey to help you process what you are learning, consider new possibilities, or just answer questions.

You can rest assured….there is! The Trail Starts Here!

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