How Are We Different?

  1. We focus on colleges in Ohio – we have visited them and know them well. After each visit we drafted comprehensive Campus Field Reports for the benefit of our clients.
  2. We are the only college faculty-led college consulting firm in the country. As a result, we dig into academic programs and curriculum at a level few can duplicate.
  3. We specialize on what high school counselors can’t help you with – Our most comprehensive service (Trail Map Package), among other things, is focused on helping students identify a set of interest aligned majors to explore and helping families identify a small set of Ohio colleges to visit that have the attributes that they are looking for in a college for their student.
  4. We are a low cost provider – By focusing on the most critical services…the ones that high school counselors can’t help you with….we can provide a low cost alternative to the high priced comprehensive hand-holding service packages offered by other firms. These packages average $3,500 nationally. Our comprehensive Trail Map Package is only $549 and other packages are even less.