Comprehensive Trail Map Package 

Trail Map Package – Only $549

Our standard “Trail Map” consulting package can be delivered either face-to-face in our offices in Worthington, Ohio or virtually via web meeting and includes:

  1. An initial intake session in which we will discuss your goals and dreams, and help clarify what you and your family are looking for in a college (this will be preceded by some pre-session information gathering). In all, we discuss 18 “fit factors” that will help us pin point exactly what you are looking for including major options. We will also help you clarify your cost of college assumptions and build a plan to pay for college.
  2. In our second session, we identify a set of potential majors aligned with your interests and goals. We define each major so you understand it and provide information on the careers that it leads to. We even give you potential income information for each field.
  3. Following the second session, we work to identify 5-8 colleges and universities that best fit all or most of the things you are looking for. We dig into sports, co-curricular activities, majors, location, academic support services, cost and other factors that you are looking for.
  4. Then we build your “Trail Map” that summarizes all of the above and gives you specific instructions on how to optimize your campus visits and put yourself in a position to select a final college choice that you can be sure about.
  5. In the third meeting, we explain your customized Trail Map and why we recommended the schools on the report. We discuss the cost comparison of recommended institutions. We explain and provide you a campus visit checklist as you prepare to visit schools in order to determine a final school choice – who to see, what to ask, and what to do.
  6. You will receive a copy of our book, “Field Guide to Ohio’s Best Colleges” which will offer extensive information on each college we identified and more.
  7. Then, you are off to visit colleges with your Trail Map in hand! But we don’t stop there. We remain available to consult, respond to changes in your interests, explore new options, answer questions, etc. We will stay on the trail with you from start to finish!

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