Consulting Services for Colleges

Competitive Analysis and Mapping Potential New Programs

College Bound Advantage is the only Ohio-focused college consulting firm and may be the only college consulting firm in the country led by a prior Business Strategy faculty member. Over the last 18 months we have visited over 50 Ohio colleges and worked to identify academic program strengths and synergies with a particular emphasis on Signature Programs. We have also examined co-curricular offerings and other structural contributors to competitive advantage. We have documented all that we have learned in our proprietary Campus Field Reports and are now working on summarizing what we have learned in a book on Ohio’s colleges that we hope to have available this coming summer.

Recently we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with a few Ohio colleges to help them better understand their competitive landscape and positioning, identify potential academic or co-curricular program additions that might hold promise, and  take advantage of existing strengths in ways that are synergistic.

We welcome the opportunity to work with additional Ohio colleges. Our services can be delivered relatively quickly and at low cost. We believe we can significantly impact your understanding of your competitive landscape and your unique position as perceived by potential students and their families. We also believe we can offer you ideas on how to strengthen your competitive positioning and attract more students.

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