Why CBA?

How are we different?

  1. We focus on colleges in Ohio – we have visited them and know them well. After each visit we drafted comprehensive Campus Field Reports for the benefit of our clients.
  2. We specialize on what high school counselors can’t help you with – Our primary service (Trail Map Package), among other things, is focused on helping families identify a small set of Ohio colleges to visit that have the attributes that they are looking for in a college for their student.
  3. We are a low cost provider – By focusing on the most critical service…the one that high school counselors can’t help you with….we can provide a low cost alternative to the high priced comprehensive hand-holding service packages offered by other firms. These packages average $3,500 nationally. Our standard Trail Map Package is only $549.

Additional Benefits

  1. We will help you develop a clear, prioritized, picture of what your family really wants in a college. You’ll be amazed at what your student will tell us about their interests and priorities versus what they may have mentioned to you!
  2. We will help “reality test” your and your student’s aspirations, hopes, and assumptions and better align them with real options and possibilities.
  3. We short circuit the normal “wandering about in the dark” process that characterizes most families attempts to generate a short-list of possible colleges to visit. Gone are hours of online searching, enlisting family and friends for ideas, and reading college books.

Our Guarantee

If you purchase the College Bound Advantage Trail Map Package, we will be your partner until you complete your journey. Once you are out with your Trail Map visiting colleges, we will be available to respond to questions, respond to changes in your student’s interests or new possibilities, or just to help you process what you are learning.