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Ohio’s Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges: Kenyon College

By July 7, 2021March 27th, 2024Ohio's liberal arts colleges

Established in 1824, Kenyon College is the oldest private college in Ohio. It is located in the small, quaint village of Gambier, Ohio and sits just above the Kokosing Gap Trail, a public bike trail that winds along the Kokosing River on a reclaimed rail path.

The campus is noted for its strong liberal arts curriculum, collegiate gothic architecture (think Hogwarts), bucolic rural setting, and hilltop location. Kenyon students come from all over the United States and beyond. They consider themselves intellectual and aligned with the values of a liberal arts college. Kenyon is a residential college, with most students living on campus.  While there are plenty of organizations to get involved in on campus, Gambier is a small town. Faculty are committed and involved on campus, classes are small, and the community is tight-knit.

Like other liberal arts colleges, Kenyon does not offer majors in the professions, so no Business, Education, Nursing, Engineering, or Allied Health. Instead, students immerse themselves in majors in the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Kenyon is best known for its English major and with over 20 English faculty members, it is a great place for aspiring writers. Kenyon is also strong in Economics and Drama. In fact, Kenyon was recently named as one of the “Fifteen best colleges for the aspiring actor” in the College Finder.

Outside the classroom, Kenyon offers more than 150 student clubs and organizations. Greek life has flourished at Kenyon since 1852, however only around 25% of students claim membership. Kenyon also offers a variety of club sports including Archery, Dance, Fencing, Juggling, Rugby, and Squash.

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