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10 Mistakes You Can Make Choosing a Major

By August 26, 2019March 27th, 2024Picking a Major that Fits

We work with students every day who are trying to sift through a large number of possible college majors and identify a set of good fit possibilities to explore. It’s not easy. First, students don’t really understand their options. In high school they took primarily theoretical courses like English, History, and Math. As a result they have little knowledge of college “applied” majors such as Engineering, Sport Management, Nursing, Education, Public Relations, Athletic Training, Accounting, Finance, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and many others. We have found it helpful to identify and define a set of majors aligned with the student’s aptitudes and interests. We then help them conduct a thoughtful exploration as a part of their college visits, volunteer work, internships, and remaining high school course opportunities.

We hope you will enjoy this article that takes a light hearted look at the related challenges!

About the Author: After touring 60 of the best colleges in Ohio, Dr. Jay, a prior faculty member and dean, founded College Bound Advantage (CBA) – a Columbus, Ohio college consulting firm. CBA specializes in helping families optimize college selection around 18 “fit factors” and helping students clarify co-curricular and major options while exploring colleges that specialize in them.  College Bound Advantage serves all of Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, and Cincinnati metro areas. Check us out at or check out what we can do for you here: